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The 100 classi project continues thanks to the 2 x 1000 funds granted to the RES cultural association.

After receiving in November 2018 the contribution of 2 x 1000 granted for 2016, RES organized training sessions in science communication during the school years 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21. The activities were held face-to-face until February 2020 and online since the start of the pandemic.

Of particular interest to students are the “News workshops: how to write about science”, which are generally held by the journalist Francesca Conti of the Formicablu Communication Agency – for years a partner of Res – at the IIS Confalonieri De Chirico in Rome, leading school of the 100 classi.

For example, on February 21, 2019, the meeting was held on the theme of sustainability. Thirty students participated from two Latium institutes, the mentioned IIS Confalonieri De Chirico and the IIS Braschi Quarenghi from Subiaco. The valid collaboration of the Headmaster of the hub school Nadia Petrucci, as well as of the professors Carla Mazzarelli of Rome and Maria Alfonsina Caponi of Subiaco, made this activity of introduction to science communication possible and a certificate of participation was given to the students.

Aim of the course was writing a piece of news of up to 1800 characters, including spaces, on topics or recent events regarding the fundamental theme of sustainability, which today pushes young people to protest for their future. Here is a gallery of some works (in Italian) produced in the “News laboratory”.