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Why 100 classi

Because joining a network is getting involved
because the class becomes a network game
to explore science and technology together
to create texts in a ‘diffuse’ editorial office
to collaborate with a web editorial team

100 classi 2002-22: 20 years of a project
to develop best practices
for an active scientific citizenship
in the knowledge society

Very special reporters

After attending lab activities
in science communication,
the 100 classi students,
organized in editorial offices,
participate as reporters
in initiatives and narrate them on Lazioscienza


Web editorial team – News

Students translate: some website pages in English

100 classi – 20 years

The 100 classi activities are supported by the RES Association

Awards supported by RES and formicablu

2×1000 for culture to RES in 2016 and 2021
100 classi Lazio Interschool Network: Agreement

Editorial office