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The implementation of the website WordPress platform is an ongoing process that during 2022 is involving students from the IIS Confalonieri De Chirico.

In 2003 the 100 classi site platform was entirely created and managed by the Web Editorial Office composed only of students. Between 2008 and 2011 it passed from a static to a dynamic form using the first Content Management Systems (CMS), i.e. Mambo and Joomla. In 2019 meetings held at the “IIS Braschi-Quarenghi” of Subiaco by the engineer Roberto Di Marco from RES  launched the transformation of the interactive web platform and the migration to WordPress, a system that allows to make the interforces for content editing more usable and facilitates the site management by a diffuse editorial team.

In March 2021 a hacking attack made another intervention necessary, regarding the WordPress platform implementation. To restore the site after the hacking attack, the development of a WordPress template  ̶  useful to reproduce its original structure  ̶  has been completed so far. Given the large amount of materials produced by the 100 classi from 2002, many more contents will then be visible again after completing:

– the migration of existing contents to the new platform;

– the identification and installation of freeware components in order to manage photo gallery, plugins for video integration, news viewer;

– the publication of contents in a graphic format both updated and at the same time able to maintain the style that has always characterized the site.

These activities are being carried out during 2022 on the occasion of the 100 classi 20th year.